New Hampshire Could Get a New Income Tax

February 17, 2018

New Hampshire could be the next state to get its own income tax.

Everyone in the US knows about income tax, but many don't know that they are applied on both the state and federal level. This means that you're paying income tax to both your state as well as the feds. But not every state is like that. Texas, one of the biggest states in the union doesn't have an income tax. There are several other states as well that are able to function without it.

These states do have other taxes, but they are arguably more voluntary because you can avoid them by not buying certain products. This alone is not a great argument, because you shouldn't have to change your lifestyle to avoid getting robbed, but this is why income tax is arguably the most evil of all taxes.

New Hampshire is one of the few remaining states that does not have an income tax at all. A bill has been proposed to the NH house that has already passed. The bill was passed with a small proposed tax, but this is the government getting their foot in the door. Because of all the new filings that people will have to get used to, creating a new tax is always more difficult than raising a tax. Raising a tax is relatively simple because most people don't even have to know there is a bill, and they don't have to do anything different. But in creating a new income tax, citizens will have new filing requirements at the end of the year. It's common practice for state income taxes to be passed with relatively small percentages so it's difficult for people to object. But make no mistake, once they are implemented, the taxes are sure to go up.

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