Willful failure to file is NOT the crime you think it is!

February 19, 2019
In this post I am going to point out a major flaw in most people's understanding of the tax code. One of the biggest fears of not filing is that the IRS will hunt you down and throw you in prison. A quick search of the words "willful failure to file" will bring up many pages with legal information telling you the same. I just did this in google and this is the page that comes up: https://definitions.uslegal.com/f/failure-to-file-tax-return-us/ I have contacted them to correct their misinformation,...
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The spirit of liberty is alive and well in Uganda

February 6, 2019
This past week I traveled to Uganda to speak to a new generation of thought leaders at the Nkumba University in Entebbe, Uganda. The Liberty and Entrepreneurship Conferences was put together by the Action For Liberty and Economic Development, and students from all over Africa came for a three day summit. I spoke on government and taxation, alongside speakers from the Language of Liberty Institute, Glenn Cripe, Andy Eyschen, and Kyle Varner.
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TSA and the Government Shutdown

February 4, 2019
TSA: The two party system is going out of its way to make us less safe simply to blame the other side. The money keeps coming in, and they are just stockpiling it while claiming there is nothing to give them. Two weeks ago during the shutdown, I traveled from Cancun to Salt Lake City with a layover in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll start off by pointing out I have no faith in the TSA to begin with. It’s just another attempt by the government to create a monopoly so we have nobody to thank for...
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Native American Vietnam Veteran Intimidated by MAGA Wearing Teens

January 19, 2019
A group of teens on a school trip sought to intimidate a Native American Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips during an indigenous peoples march. In the video footage you can them invading his personal space as he peacfully plays a drum. Afterwards, the Veteran made very emotional statement about the events that occurred, pointing out a few very important questions about this proposed wall on the border between the US and Mexico.
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TSA Calls in sick - No crimes on planes

January 5, 2019
Amid the government shut down, which has left most people unaffected, TSA employees are now calling in sick by the hundreds. They refuse to work without pay, which is understandable, but why aren't they getting paid? The government is shut down, but if you book tickets online for a flight, you still have to pay the 9-11 security fees which are enough to get you a 60 minute massage, 20 times longer than the grope you'll get from the TSA.
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California Wildfire Bailouts Are A Terrible Idea

November 20, 2018
With fires blazing in California, homes destroyed and lives lost, California's government seems to only be concerned with one thing. Protecting corporate profits. While many are blaming fires on camp fires, global warming and an unmaintained buildup of dry brush, California's biggest power company PG&E may have just admitted that a fallen power line was responsible for starting the fires. This could mean that the company could be sued by Californians for all their losses, which could add up quickly.
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The Philippines, Where Taxes Make The Poor Poorer And The Rich Richer

November 19, 2018
In ancient times, taxes have always been a menace to the people, and we were taught that it was hell living during the ancient eras since there’s still no law to inhibit the rich from enslaving the poor. We’ve undergone this revolution thing that our ancient heroes did to save our country, the Philippines, from other countries -- dying to provide us freedom we share today. Well, wait, freedom? Yes, we can do all we want except doing things that are against the law -- laws created by...
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Where can I learn more about avoiding taxes?

March 31, 2018
A question from one of our followers, Austin asks: Hello I was hoping you could point me in the right direction of being able to educate my self more on the topics you represent. Id like to learn so as to be able to effectively defend myself and stand up for what I believe that taxation is theft, and be able to help educate others, but I'm a little more than naive on the subject and it's a little difficult to find trustworthy and well educated sources on the matter from my current research.
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Can we abolish the income tax?

March 21, 2018
I can easily say yes. Most people believe that the income tax is vital for the government to operate. It's not too hard to understand why. Everywhere you look you can find this idea being reinforce. When you're a kid and you go to school, you get the generic indoctrination of "pay taxes for schools and libraries and police". We see it in movies, and hear about it in the news as if this theft is normal. We have come to the point that if you talk to anyone about taxes, most people will assume you are talking about the income tax.
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Randall Lord imprisoned for breaking a law that doesn't exist.

March 20, 2018
Randall Lord was charged with operating a money service business (MSB) without a license. The thing is, MSBs are issued at the state level, and the office that issued the license told Randall that he didn't need one. Unfortunately for him, his lawyer had already convinced him to take a deal for a guilty plea. The business in question was simply exchanging bitcoins for dollars among mostly friends and family.
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