Randall Lord imprisoned for breaking a law that doesn't exist.

March 20, 2018
Randall Lord was charged with operating a money service business (MSB) without a license. The thing is, MSBs are issued at the state level, and the office that issued the license told Randall that he didn't need one. Unfortunately for him, his lawyer had already convinced him to take a deal for a guilty plea. The business in question was simply exchanging bitcoins for dollars among mostly friends and family.
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Ohio Supreme Court rules property tax unconsitutional

November 25, 2016
On March 24, 1997, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled in a 4-3 decision that the state funding system "fails to provide for a thorough and efficient system of common schools," as required by the  Ohio Constitution , and directed the state to find a remedy. It's important to note that just like legislators, court justices are also human and flaws with prejudices and agendas. Because of this, no law or court ruling can ever be considered absolute justice, especially when it goes against popular opinion. However, sometimes they can be more just, against popular opinion.
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