California Wildfire Bailouts Are A Terrible Idea

November 20, 2018
With fires blazing in California, homes destroyed and lives lost, California's government seems to only be concerned with one thing. Protecting corporate profits. While many are blaming fires on camp fires, global warming and an unmaintained buildup of dry brush, California's biggest power company PG&E may have just admitted that a fallen power line was responsible for starting the fires. This could mean that the company could be sued by Californians for all their losses, which could add up quickly.
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The Philippines, Where Taxes Make The Poor Poorer And The Rich Richer

November 19, 2018
In ancient times, taxes have always been a menace to the people, and we were taught that it was hell living during the ancient eras since there’s still no law to inhibit the rich from enslaving the poor. We’ve undergone this revolution thing that our ancient heroes did to save our country, the Philippines, from other countries -- dying to provide us freedom we share today. Well, wait, freedom? Yes, we can do all we want except doing things that are against the law -- laws created by...
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Illegal Immigration Does Not Cost Taxpayers

February 19, 2018
Understanding the argument No matter what your or my position is on immigration, we have to at least understand the facts. If we don't understand the facts, then we are taking sides based purely based on emotional self interest. First we should understand why the topic is os polarized. We typically don't like when we ask a politician if he is in support of something and he answers in some monologue that fails to address the question.
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