Income Tax Amended to constitution with low expectations

November 25, 2016
Here's an interesting article from The Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha, Nebraska, February 4, 1913 - Just after the 16th amendment was raitified to the US constitution, authorizing the income tax. What's really interesting here is that the expectation at the time was a 1% tax on incomes above $4,000 to $5,000. These are two important numbers to compare. First, and most obvious, while it was expected that congress would tax just 1%, the income tax now starts at 10%, although most people fall into the 20% backet or higher.
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Taxation Is Theft Viral Messaging

November 21, 2016
As if internet memes weren't enough, the message is going viral in a way never seen before. A stamp has surfaced, and Taxation Is Theft fanatics are stamping everything from paper money to parking tickets when sent in for payment. One thing is clear, this message isn't going away. There's no absolute way to track this, but estimates are in at over $200,000 in cash stamped to date! The rubber stamps are available for sale at , along with other goodies that are sure to keep the message alive.
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Man flies plane into IRS building

November 20, 2016
AUSTIN, Tex. — Leaving behind a rant against the government, big business and particularly the tax system, a computer engineer smashed a small aircraft into an office building where nearly 200 employees of the  Internal Revenue Service  were starting their workday Thursday morning, the authorities said. The pilot, identified as Andrew Joseph Stack III, 53, of north Austin, apparently died in the crash, and one other person was unaccounted for.
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