The Liberty Solution

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Present day American politics is at a historical state of divisiveness. Democrats and Republicans alike cling to their respective ideologies with a grip more firm today than yesterday. Both parties claim to only want what is best for the American people, but they ultimately fail the litmus test of whether or not their ideals align with the principles of liberty.The Liberty Solution proposes a bold rekindling of the flame of liberty while highlighting the various ways that the federal, state, and local governments usurp the natural rights belonging to each and every individual, whether they know it or are entirely unaware. Using both historical evidence, and news stories of today, Wills presents his case of grievances against the state, and explains not only how, but why these acts usurp our natural rights.This modern philosophical treatise concludes by illustrating how the world would actually look should the tree of liberty be allowed to grow without the constricting hand of the state interfering in her growth. Liberty is not merely a solution to the issues, but the solution. If liberty were allowed to thrive, we would all find ourselves in a much more desirable state of being, regardless of the political party to which one subscribes.