In the past few days, the police have murdered another innocent person, George Floyd. The public, rightfully upset, started peaceful protests. The police used tear gas against peaceful protestors, even though that is considered illegal chemical warfare under the geneva convention. read more
A lot of foodies leave tips in cash for different reasons. Some do it so that their server gets the tip directly without having to worry about the store owner not giving over all the credit card tips. read more
The Freedom Law School challenges anyone to find a law stating that the average American wage earner has to pay income tax. Many people claim to have found the answer, but like any good lawyer will tell you, you have to read the fine print. read more
In 2008, banks including the Federal Reserve threatened us that the economy would collapse if we didn't give them $700bn. At least that was the story we were told. In fact, that's almost completely wrong. read more
A short history: a long time ago, i was at one of those free real estate seminars. I think this one might have been part of the trump university. The presenter said something about taxes and how to avoid paying them. read more