Smart Cities of the Future - Dream Again - with Michael Tolkin

October 17, 2019
Michael Tolkin is working on a very interesting and ambitious project that will change how we think about central planning. While it is a very big project that seeks to replace every aspect of government, it is done in a way that is voluntary and becomes public property.

Vicky Rose for MS District 37 wants to cut taxes!

October 16, 2019
Today we have an awesome libertarian running for state house with some really great odds of winning! She has already successfully beaten an attempt to ban kratom in Mississippi Check out this episode to find out why I think you should vote for her over the corrupt old 2 party system.

Any Schmuck can run for Cattaraugus Coroner

October 10, 2019
Luke Wenke is the chair of the Cattaraugus county LP, and is running for County Coroner - because any schmuck can! It sounds a little crazy at first, but as he explains exactly what the position is and what's required, it's really not that bad.

Live with Jim Ostrowski, Gun Rights Activist

October 9, 2019
Jim Ostrowski is a gun rights activist and all around libertarian. We talked about liberalism, why they are coming for our guns, and how to talk to them. He is working on a few books about liberalism and how to protect liberty.

The justice system is run by criminals

October 2, 2019
Tonight I talked with Dre Liberator from the Drunk N Disorderly podcast. We had a few technical issues, but some amazing topics. Mostly focussed on the criminal justice system, we talked about a lot of the flaws in the system we have that can't be fixed...

Nordic Socialism Kills!

September 27, 2019
My friend Oscar joined me today from Sweden to talk about many things. He was born and raised in Sweden and still lives there, so he has seen a lot of the programs in effect that Americans keep asking for.

The law that says you don't need a license to use your car!

September 25, 2019
I first heard about Eddie Craig when he published a video going through the details of the Texas Transportation Code, proving that you don't need a license to use your car. The same principle applies to so many other laws including taxes, business licensing and gun control.

Dustin Evans for Delegate in Virginia

September 18, 2019
Dustin Evans is running for Delegate in Virginia. He was a great guest it was interesting to hear his tax plan. At first it sounds like he wants to expand a tax plan, but really it's expanding a tax cut that's available to farmers.

The Case Against The State

September 11, 2019
The Case Against The State - By Tanner Cook This is an awesome book with a philosophical dive into the purpose and existence of the state, and why it isn't necessary or moral. You can follow Tanner here:

Live from Hong Kong

August 28, 2019
Today I interviewed my friends from Hong Kong to get a real perspective on what's going on, what is their relationship with China, how the ongoing protests started and where they are heading. I have to apologize for the audio quality of my guests,...

Income Tax: Shattering the Myths - Author Dave Champion Explains

August 21, 2019
Dave Champion is one of the leading experts in the tax honesty movement. In this short interview, he breaks down a few of the important flaws in the tax code that proves it is not imposed on most people.

Taxation Is Theft Pin - Entrepreneur Eric Goertz

July 21, 2019
Today I talked with Eric Goertz, who is running a crowdfunding campaign to make "Taxation Is Theft" lapel pins. We talked about the ins and outs of starting a business, whether to outsource and as usual, we went off on plenty of tangents into libertarian philosophy.

Elected Libertarian Representative, NH House member Max Abramson

July 10, 2019
Today I talked with Max Abramson, a Libertarian elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He is also in the race for President of the united States, and has some shocking insights into the political system, with tactical voting being the way out.

I talked to a cop? This LEAP officer is no bad apple

July 3, 2019
In this episode, I talked with Tony Kirk, a former police chief, and an active duty police officer. He is an outspoken activist against prohibition and a member of LEAP. LEAP used to mean Law Enforcement Against Prohibition but has been expanded to be Law Enforcement Action Partnership.

Cop Watcher Andrew Sheets, Talks about fighting corruption in Florida

June 30, 2019
Andrew Sheets runs the Charlotte County Cop Watch. He has discovered and exposed so much corruption, that the local Sheriff has labeled him a FOIA terrorist. I have watched several of his videos and there is absolutely nothing threatening about him.

Ig Ronald on Students For Liberty Uganda

June 10, 2019
This episode is broadcast from a tiny little hotel room in Manhattan, with a guest appearing all the way from Kampala, Uganda. I had the pleasure of meeting Iga in January on my trip to Uganda, and now I'm catching up with everything that's been going on with Students for Liberty across Africa.

A newly converted homeschool mom tells her story

May 31, 2019
Christine recently took her 8 year old son out of public school and started homeschooling. I've heard a lot about this new way of teaching your kids that's growing quickly in popularity, and I wanted to find out more.

Venezuela - The Real Story - Zach Foster from Mises Mambi

May 8, 2019
Zach Foster has been working with Libertarians in Cuba and Venezuela, to help them realize freedom in these countries controlled by socialist and communist police states. I can't really say much more without typing up the whole thing, so you're going...

Minimum wage and tipping

April 10, 2019
Joseph Howe talks about the tipping culture in America in comparison with the minimum wage. Waiting is often looked down on as the bottom of the workforce, but they often pull in very high salaries when tips are factored in.

Townhall March 12, 2019 with Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

March 13, 2019
This episode is a recording of a live, online town hall. I'm Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman and I'm running for President of the united States. I this town hall I'll be discussion some of the common objections to capitalism, where socialism is often expressed to be superior.

The real Schaeffer Cox story

March 12, 2019
Who is Schaeffer Cox? He is a peaceful American activist who was wrongfully charged and is currently being held as a political prisoner in a prison designed for terrorists and accused of torture and other human rights violations.

Your wages aren't taxable wages, are they?

March 7, 2019
Join me as I ask David William about his experience and expertise in dealing with the IRS when it comes to your paycheck. As it turns out, the burden of proof is on the IRS to prove that your income is taxable, and they can't just say "well it's income,...

History of the world with Cam X

March 4, 2019
Last week after talking to Cameron about his run in with the FBI, we had a great talk about history. We decided to do another show dedicate to that. Pilgrims, early American land ownership incentives and everything leading up to slavery, and how that compared to the Slavery we hear about in Africa.

Clayton Hunt on Alex Jones and Joe Rogan

March 1, 2019
Clayton Hunt is back, and we talk about everything pop culture.  Some followups to Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan show and of course freedom i n general. Check out Clayton's website and take the test to see if you're a real libertarian.

Driving without a license? It's the right to travel!

February 28, 2019
Is it possible to drive without a license? There are a lot of theories to this and many will claim it's only a conspiracy theory. But there are many people including tonight's guest who have had plenty of success in driving without a license.