What happens when you don't pay your income tax?

April 3, 2020
In this episode talk to Sharky, a former USPS employee and tax protestor. He did some time over not paying taxes, but has since learned how to avoid paying them without consequence. He has worked with Irwin Schiff, knew him personally, and even appeared...

A take on CORONA VIRUS! by a real research scientist!

April 2, 2020
Dr Mary Ruwart is a well known libertarian activist and author. She has been involved in the libertarian party, running for several offices including the President of the United States. She has published several libertarian books including two of my...

Wundaz Gilbert - State of Corona in Uganda

April 1, 2020
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to my good fried in Uganda. I learned about the current state of Uganda, under lockdown from the government. They are restricting work, but most people there live hand to mouth.

Taxation is Theft - with Andy Williams Jr

March 30, 2020
Andy is another 2020 Libertarian Presidential candidate. Aside being a great conversation, it was really fun. Andy has a great sense of humor and a lot of knowledge and insight into what's going on with this lockdown and our country in general.

Chicago is locked down, police, economic struggles and more!

March 29, 2020
Today I interviewed Josh Flynn, currently in the race for Illinois State Rep, in district 78. We talked quite a bit about the coronavirus and the lockdown, how it's affecting Chicago. We also talked about economic struggles in Chicago and how this will affect the residents.

Corona Lockdown - With Nickolas Wildstar and Mark Liberty

March 26, 2020
Join me live with Nickolas Wildstar, former Libertarian candidate for Governor of California and Mayor of Fresno. And activist and rebelutionary Mark Liberty. \Please subscribe to "Taxation Is Theft" to get weekly video updates: http://bit.ly/2CUKmkU...

Michael Cheney - A Libertarian in Scotland

February 10, 2020
Today I got to talk to Michael Cheney from Scotland, to hear about all of what's going on in the UK. Big government spying, licenses to own a TV (even if you don't watch it) and taxes, taxes, taxes!!! Please subscribe to "Taxation Is Theft" to get...

Mark Whitney, Libertarian for President

February 5, 2020
Mark Whitney was a great guest. Although he's trying to beat me in the race for the Libertarian presidential nomination, he's got a great sense of humor and good reasons for running. Part of that comes from a career in standup comedy and entrepreneurship.

Presidential Candidate - Arvin Vohra!

January 23, 2020
Arvin Vohra is a great friend in the Liberty movement. He is consistently principled and very knowledgeable about many issues. As an educator and Libertarian, of course his biggest issue is getting rid of government schools.

POTUS candidate Jedi Hill will make you rich!

January 17, 2020
Yes, there is a Jedi in the race for POTUS with the Libertarian party. We talked a lot about the American dream and individual prosperity. This was an amazing podcast that you don't want to miss! Please subscribe to "Taxation Is Theft" to get weekly...

What about the children?!? Sam Robb - Presidential Candidate

January 16, 2020
In this episode, I'm joined by Sam Robb, another Libertarian presidential candidate who I have grown to respect through our conversations at the debates. Sam is an awesome candidate who is in this fight for all the right reasons.

LNC At Large and Candidate for Chair - Joshua Smith

January 7, 2020
In this episode I talk with Joshua Smith about the future the LP, advertising, marketing, promotions and more! We also touched on Lincoln Chafee throwing his hat in the ring next to mine, and a few other hot issues! Please subscribe to "Taxation Is...

A look into how the US government treats people with disabilities ....

December 24, 2019
Thomas Daniel Quiter was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and has learned many interesting things about how the US healthcare system treats those with disabilities. He has become an advocate for those with all kinds of disabilities - physical or mental...

Trisha Butler - who will build the sidewalks?

December 19, 2019
This is a new one - we've all pondered who will build the roads, but have you ever wondered who will build the sidewalks? These are the questions you get asked when you run for Clarksville City Council Please subscribe to "Taxation Is Theft" to get...

Duane Whitmer - Anti-Tax Accountant for US Congress, NY

December 10, 2019
Duane Whitmer is a NY accountant who helps his clients pay their taxes ... but he'd rather not! Tune in to see why accountants are saying "Taxation Is Theft!" Please subscribe to "Taxation Is Theft" to get weekly video updates: http://bit.ly/2CUKmkU...

Kerry McKennon for US Senate in Texas!

December 5, 2019
Kerry McKennon is running for US Senate in Texas. Kerry was one of the first people I met when joining the LP Texas back in 2014. In this episode we talked a lot about the internal struggle of the Libertarian Party and where we go from here - campaign...

Decriminalize Sex Work! Kristin Calhoun,. Escort, Speaks out!

December 4, 2019
There is a lot of misinformation about sex work and sex trafficking. The US has some of the most restrictive laws on sex work which creates black markets. On top of that, organizations that appear to be working to stop crimes in the black market are...

The Myth of the Social Contract - With Andrew Kern

November 6, 2019
Anarchy is always an interesting philosophical discussion. Andrew Kern is author of the new book The Myth of the Social Contract. We discussed a lot of his ideas in this book, what went into it and how you can use this information to win fights on the...

Maj Toure from Black Guns Matter for Philadelphia City Council at Large

November 4, 2019
Tonight I talked with Maj Toure, an activist and founder of Black Guns Matter talked with me about some interesting liberty philosophies, the power of the mind and the power of freedom. All this on the night before the election, where he is running...

Smart Cities of the Future - Dream Again - with Michael Tolkin

October 17, 2019
Michael Tolkin is working on a very interesting and ambitious project that will change how we think about central planning. While it is a very big project that seeks to replace every aspect of government, it is done in a way that is voluntary and becomes public property.

Vicky Rose for MS District 37 wants to cut taxes!

October 16, 2019
Today we have an awesome libertarian running for state house with some really great odds of winning! She has already successfully beaten an attempt to ban kratom in Mississippi Check out this episode to find out why I think you should vote for her over the corrupt old 2 party system.

Any Schmuck can run for Cattaraugus Coroner

October 10, 2019
Luke Wenke is the chair of the Cattaraugus county LP, and is running for County Coroner - because any schmuck can! It sounds a little crazy at first, but as he explains exactly what the position is and what's required, it's really not that bad.

Live with Jim Ostrowski, Gun Rights Activist

October 9, 2019
Jim Ostrowski is a gun rights activist and all around libertarian. We talked about liberalism, why they are coming for our guns, and how to talk to them. He is working on a few books about liberalism and how to protect liberty.

The justice system is run by criminals

October 2, 2019
Tonight I talked with Dre Liberator from the Drunk N Disorderly podcast. We had a few technical issues, but some amazing topics. Mostly focussed on the criminal justice system, we talked about a lot of the flaws in the system we have that can't be fixed...

Nordic Socialism Kills!

September 27, 2019
My friend Oscar joined me today from Sweden to talk about many things. He was born and raised in Sweden and still lives there, so he has seen a lot of the programs in effect that Americans keep asking for.