LaTonya Whittington of Cannabis Reform of Houston

September 26, 2018
We're gonna talk about lots of weed!

Nick Landholt on Constitutional Militia

September 25, 2018
Could the only way to end the income tax be a constitutional militia?

Drew the Ancap

September 20, 2018

Joe Banister - The Man Who Beat The IRS

September 19, 2018
Meet Joe Banister, a former IRS special investigator turned advocate against the income tax.

Economic Collapse with Pat Ruckert

September 17, 2018
We're going to talk about economic collapse and debate funding infrastructure projects with private vs public funds.

Reza the Libertarian Debates Foreign Policy

September 11, 2018
What's the libertarian position on foreign policy? Does it violate the NAP?

Anthony Christo for US Congress

August 22, 2018
Today I interviewed Anthony Cristo who is a new Libertarian Candidate for US Congress. He had some very interesting insight in reaching out to disenfranchised Democrat and Republican voters.

Emancipate Yourself with Luis Fernando Borges Mises

August 16, 2018
Luis is an emancipated human, a free market advocate, shaman, consultant and speaker. This was absolutely an interesting talk! We covered everything from positive activism, human growth, enthiogens, and more!

Matt Savino's Stolen Kids

August 15, 2018
Matt Savino is running for Texas House in District 10. He's got a very interesting story where the state stole his kids away from him with no real system for recourse. He was not charged with any crimes, but CPS operates above the law.

Kory Watkins Prepares for Cannafest

August 8, 2018
Kory Watkins rose to fame as a candidate for Governor of Texas with the platform to Free the Weed. He started the Open Carry Cannabis organization which has grown to many chapters where people open carry their rifles, and some even smoke their weed in public.

JC Cook, Libertarian Activist

August 8, 2018
JC Cook is a political activist, fairly new to the libertarian party, but has always been a libertarian at heart. He is a very kind and generous person, and we talk about all things from charity to psychedelics, to learning and propaganda and implied human slavery.

Arvin Vohra, My POTUS Opponent

August 8, 2018
Arvin Vohra is the former vice chair of the Libertarian Party, known for his controversial posts and position on social media. While people certainly have a lot of mixed feelings about him, nobody can deny that he is making a lot of noise and bringing attention to a libertarian mindset.

Rod Webber, World Famous Time Traveler

August 7, 2018
Rod Webber is a world famous musician, artist, political satirist, time traveler and filmmaker. He has made a name for himself as the flower guy who has crashed many political rallies to give flowers to politicians.

Bottom Unity with Mike Shipley

August 1, 2018
Today I talked to Mike Shipley, a Libertarian in many different groups. We talked more about #bottomunity which is brining the left and right libertarians together. The bottom left like to call themselves Libertarian Socialists, and many of the bottom...

Resisting the State as Sheriff with Eric Mulder

July 31, 2018
This was an amazing interview! I've talked with a lot of so called freedom loving candidates for sheriff who use every piece of bootlicking propaganda to justify enforcing unjust laws. It was great talking to Eric Mulder who can accurately state the difference...

The Only Way To Save Sex Workers Is To Legalize Their Work

July 31, 2018
Sarah Daggers Stewart talks about legalizing sex work to help women, rather than criminalizing their voluntary activities and putting them in jail.

Matt PiƱa for Texas Land Commissioner

July 30, 2018
Matt is a pretty awesome libertarian, running for Texas Land Commissioner. He gave me a look into the shady side of some of these government organizations that most of us don't know too much about.

Libertarian Socialism and Bottom Unity with Dane Cook

July 27, 2018
There has been a lot of talk lately about "bottom unity" and the libertarian socialists. In the past I've heard ancoms talk and it hasn't been good, but Dane was kind enough to actually sit down and talk with me about what a libertarian socialist is.

Brian Ellison wants to Arm The Homeless!

June 14, 2018

David William's Legal Tax Avoidance

June 13, 2018
David William's Legal Tax Avoidance

Clayton Hunt, The Only Real Libertarian

June 8, 2018

Shawn Jones

June 7, 2018

Brandon Phinney, State House Rep in New Hampshire

June 6, 2018
Brandon Phinney is one of the highest elected libertarians. But he wasn't a Libertarian when he got elected. So what is he?

Allen Miller for Texas House

June 5, 2018
Allen Miller is running for Texas House.

Robert Griffis

June 4, 2018