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Sci-Fi Becoming A Reality? – Karl Gallagher

Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft
Sci-Fi Becoming A Reality? - Karl Gallagher
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Win the amazing Opener 3000! On today’s show, we have Karl Gallagher! When asked what Karl is all about, he told us “I’m a science fiction & fantasy writer. My first trilogy was nominated for the libertarian Prometheus award. My stories wrestle with why and how people have governments, including a planet that runs on voluntary contributions, and a displaced group of hobbyists finding the leadership they’d had for their play is now in charge of their survival. I also look at what new oppressions we may see in the future.” And remember to check us out at Never forget that Taxation is Theft! As always, we are streaming on multiple platforms! Find us on Facebook at And on YouTube at

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