Joe Banister

Joe Banister was a special agent with the IRS for many years. In 1997, Banister started hearing chatter on talk radio about people claiming there was no law requiring people to pay income tax. He thought this was absolutely insane, but he did his research to prove them wrong. After searching the tax code thoroughly for two years, he finally realized that there is no law. Banister quickly approached his superiors with this information, who asked him to tender his resignation.

Since leaving the IRS in 1999, Banister has been charged four times with tax crimes. However, since he was employed as a special agent, prosecuting people for the very laws he was now being prosecuted with, and having spend two years looking digging through that code for a law requiring him to pay an income tax, he was able to beat every charge that the IRS brought against him.

He now appears frequently on radio shows and makes appearances speaking about his experiences and raising awareness about the IRS and tax codes.

His personal website has lots of information: