Native American Vietnam Veteran Intimidated by MAGA Wearing Teens

January 19, 2019

A group of teens on a school trip sought to intimidate a Native American Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips during an indigenous peoples march. In the video footage you can them invading his personal space as he peacfully plays a drum.

Afterwards, the Veteran made very emotional statement about the events that occurred, pointing out a few very important questions about this proposed wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

There are several Native American nations, who are recognized as sovereign in North America. That means that their land and their people are not living on uS land. Until 1924, they weren't consider US citizens, and the government constantly held that they did not have many civil rights because of it.

What's really important to note here is the consequences declaring all land around another nation as your own, as the uS has done. These indiginous people now can not leave their land without traveling through the united States. Where they were previously free to travel up and down North America, they now much travel through customs and immigrations of various other nations. This is a complete limitation on their right to travel - even between land that is sovereign among other tribes. A border wall would only seek to further complicate this, putting steel and concrete blockades in a paths that were traveled centuries before the founding fathers of the united States and their ancestors ever arrived in North America.

This government has done a lot to steal land and rights from the indiginous people, including break most treaties that were ever made. It seems they are not done, as the american empire continues to grow and take rights from it's own citizens, it will continue to take rights from those here before it's existence.

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