Taxes Pay Killer Cops

May 30, 2020
In the past few days, the police have murdered another innocent person, George Floyd. The public, rightfully upset, started peaceful protests. The police used tear gas against peaceful protestors, even though that is considered illegal chemical warfare under the geneva convention. People grew more upset. A confirmed police officer struck out the windows of a local Auto Zone, even though peaceful protesters tried to stop him.
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The spirit of liberty is alive and well in Uganda

February 6, 2019
This past week I traveled to Uganda to speak to a new generation of thought leaders at the Nkumba University in Entebbe, Uganda. The Liberty and Entrepreneurship Conferences was put together by the Action For Liberty and Economic Development, and students from all over Africa came for a three day summit. I spoke on government and taxation, alongside speakers from the Language of Liberty Institute, Glenn Cripe, Andy Eyschen, and Kyle Varner.
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TSA Calls in sick - No crimes on planes

January 5, 2019
Amid the government shut down, which has left most people unaffected, TSA employees are now calling in sick by the hundreds. They refuse to work without pay, which is understandable, but why aren't they getting paid? The government is shut down, but if you book tickets online for a flight, you still have to pay the 9-11 security fees which are enough to get you a 60 minute massage, 20 times longer than the grope you'll get from the TSA.
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