Free Market Capitalism in Uganda

Foreward: This is an article written by a Libertarian from Uganda who is struggling with a dictator who is raising taxes on everything imaginable.


more taxes is more poverty in uganda
Citizens of Uganda campaign against tax increases.


Standing amidst roaring lions, hungry for power like these political actors in Africa. All chanting for liberty and freedom in disguise, while the system they employ don’t actually give liberty. These political actors are escorted by the unemployed and hungry younger populace wallowing in the misery of grave poverty while looking high at politicians as if they were messiahs of social, economic, and political rights.

Precarious with this political base; these political actors are being supported by ignorant under- civilized people, bearing no fundamental reason for support of an agenda that they subscribe to. Do the majority know these manifestos? Majorly, these supporters are wind-driven, some go where they think there is a little light of hope without bearing a clear reason for what they do. Individuals follow an individual, tribes follow tribes, and religions follow other religions which also play a part on these manifestos! Countries in Africa have no national agenda. Leaders make their own political agenda that wipes away the spirit of nationalism.  They crop up tendencies of dictatorship, abuse of political power, oppression and suppression, and abuse of rights and freedom.

An ignorant population has never imagined the unlimited, numerous benefits of this regime, the transition nor the demerits of one dictatorial REGIME.

How can we stop a big government, to reduce expenditures and tax burden to the citizens who maintain it? How long shall the citizens be enslaved with taxes? When shall the voters know that taxes cripple the economy? Create unemployment in the long and short-run?

Will Africa, especially with about dictatorships, know that each administrative unit being created would mean more tax burdens to the people? Districts are not economic units in that case, as they are cash outflows to the citizens! How do districts create value?

What would a government with sensible leaders do? Create an effective and efficient system that coordinates themselves like chains that will reduce the tax burden to citizens and allow them to prosper, this is something that technology has already made. Talking about labor-saving (use of technology); like how 1% of the American Populace is capable of farming and feeding the rest of the 99%? Leaders in Uganda think about the next elections and how to eliminate their political opponents, while the rest of the world is in supersonic speed in terms of progress.

Citizens need property rights to progress, they deserve a government that legitimately manages and a government who follows the rule of law.

Property rights give a man a productive life and security.
How can Africa know humanity when the true meaning of freedom and liberty is not defined in this absolute discourse? How can the constitution practice peace and justice when they are framed to work for some time to favor a leader in power?

Liberty means freedom of everything that transcends with respect to other rights and freedom.

Liberty is humanity; it is peace, and it is life & progress.

It is liberty that allows a man to be creative and innovative and be prosperous of all. A man who produces to benefit others while gaining for himself in the process, that is how great free-market capitalism is.

If the world stops following politics and politicians, then people will learn to follow proper reasoning and will have a free will.

Mwesige Joram Kyenjojo
Libertarian writer, Uganda
Administrator Action for Liberty Economic Development (ALED)

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