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School System Reform: How And Why is A Priceless Tale with Dr. John Merrifield

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School System Reform: How And Why is A Priceless Tale with Dr. John Merrifield

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. John Merrifield covers school reform and the obstacles that come with it. Education reform is the name given to the goal of changing public education. Education reformers desire to make public education into a market (in the form of an input-output system), where accountability creates high-stakes from curriculum standards tied to standardized tests. The studies most widely cited in the United States based their findings on small-scale, restriction-laden U.S. programs, and a handful of larger, but still restriction-laden, foreign school choice programs. The extensive restrictions and small size of those programs make them virtually irrelevant to the widely acknowledged transformational change imperative. Because the most intensely studied programs lack most, and sometimes all, of the key elements of market systems, such as profit, price change, market-entry, and product differentiation, they don’t help us determine whether the unleashing market forces will produce more desired than undesired effects. Indirect benefits from compulsory schooling reforms include lower crime rates.

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