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Bottom Unity with Mike Shipley

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Bottom Unity with Mike Shipley

Today I talked to Mike Shipley, a Libertarian in many different groups. We talked more about #bottomunity which is brining the left and right libertarians together. The bottom left like to call themselves Libertarian Socialists, and many of the bottom right don’t like that because of the word socialism. I’ve been trying to press the bottom left as I did with Mike today, and I really can’t get anything out of them that sounds like they are going to be a detriment to my lifestyle in a post authoritarian/government world. While I might not want the same lifestyle that he wants, I think that can be said for anyone. But he is not trying to prevent me from living my ancap lifestyle, so there is no harm done. ** NOTE ** We had some technical issues so the video is choppy, and the audio is in a few places, but most of it is clear enough to listen to.

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