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Driving without a license? It’s the right to travel!

Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft
Driving without a license? It's the right to travel!
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Is it possible to drive without a license? There are a lot of theories to this and many will claim it’s only a conspiracy theory. But there are many people including tonight’s guest who have had plenty of success in driving without a license. Of course, the word driving is a loaded word, that has a special legal meaning, this is why opponents of the driver’s license call it traveling.

There is well documented supreme and federal court cases which have established precedent that since the roads a public property, any person has the RIGHT, to use them and to travel on them with their personal property. Other cases state that rights can not be converted into privileges and sold for a fee. The intricacies come into play when a big machine that’s capable of high speeds and injury or death are mixed in with traveling.

Regardless of the debate about whether traveling without a license is morally or legally correct, what’s more important is what the police will do if they stop you. That’s what we focus on in this episode.

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