The Taxation Is Theft Podcast:
All the ways the government is ripping you off, and what you can do to stop them!

Enter the Boogaloo aka Big Igloo aka Big Luau aka CNN

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Enter the Boogaloo aka Big Igloo aka Big Luau aka CNN

On this episode of the podcast, Kris Hunter comes on the show to tell us about all things boog! Kris tells us about the origins of the Boogaloo movement and when it first hit the streets during the march against gun control in Virginia. We also learn about the mainstream media mistaking boog bois for antifa and white supremacists when most boog bois are actually anarchists, libertarians and constitutionalists. Kris then gives his take on Breonna Taylor, Duncan Lemp before he has a conversation with Dan on the concept of no knock raids as a whole. The politicians are getting their last warning. And as always, war is a racket, inflation is robbery and taxation IS theft! Enjoy the show.

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