The Taxation Is Theft Podcast:
All the ways the government is ripping you off, and what you can do to stop them!

Going live with Arvin Vohra

Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft
Going live with Arvin Vohra
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On this episode of the show, Dan talks to fellow former Libertarian presidential candidate, Arvin Vohra. Dan and Arvin open this conversation by having a discussion on the controversial, yet highly relevant topic of homeschooling. Arvin goes deep on the economics of homeschooling and shows it’s true efficiency! This is rounded out with a fun conversation on overall economics!

Arvin Vohra is the founder of the Vohra Method and a leading advocate for alternative education and homeschooling. Check him out at and

And lastly, check us out at and always remeber, Taxation is Theft!

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