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I talked to a cop? This LEAP officer is no bad apple

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I talked to a cop? This LEAP officer is no bad apple

In this episode, I talked with Tony Kirk, a former police chief, and an active duty police officer. He is an outspoken activist against prohibition and a member of LEAP. LEAP used to mean Law Enforcement Against Prohibition but has been expanded to be Law Enforcement Action Partnership. We talked about what that means and how he is fighting to fix the reputation that has people all over the country saying #ACAB all cops are bad, or all cops are bastards or declaring a war on cops.

As we have heard before, Tony makes the distinction between POLICE officers and PEACE officers – the key being that they are there to protect the peace, not to enforce the policies. We talked about the political atmosphere surrounding what the police are doing, and why we always see cops breaking the law with sometimes violent crimes, and never going to jail.

Why are so many police protecting the drug war? Are they in survival mode? Do they believe the propaganda or are they just protecting their jobs?

Before you say “fuck the police!” one more time, watch this episode.

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