The Taxation Is Theft Podcast:
All the ways the government is ripping you off, and what you can do to stop them!

James Weeks II – Libertarian Stripper – Ordained Minister

Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft
James Weeks II - Libertarian Stripper - Ordained Minister
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On this episode I interviewed James Weeks II. He is most well known for stripping at the 2016 Libertarian Convention. What many don’t know is that he is also an ordained minister who performs marriages, sometimes in a thong. We talked about whether or not this type of behavior is proper for the LP, and how it has been received.

We also talked about unlicensed marriages. It turns out government is so protective over this contractual arrangement that they are willing to arrest and imprison people for getting married without a license. We went in depth into the real benefits of getting married and looked at which of those could be achieved with a simple contract.

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