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The Free Republic of Liberland

Taxation Is Theft
Taxation Is Theft
The Free Republic of Liberland
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On tonight’s episode I interviews Thomas Walls, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Free Republic of Liberland.

I had heard of micronations in the past, but most of them were very abstract – some were isolationists, others were lawless and unproductive, and most of them are not recognized by any other nation. In contrast, Liberland is on its way to being recognized as a real nation, founded in the principles of liberty.

They have developed a constitution which has gone through several revisions, in an attempt to outdo the US, Swiss and Estonian constitutions in their protection of rights and limit of government. They don’t require licenses to do business, and there are no taxes. They have already accomplished an amazing amount, and the constitution isn’t even finalized. They are, however, recognized by some nations as a legitimate country, and their passports have been accepted for travel and entry into those nations.

You can read more about Liberland on their sites:

Status and Diplomatic Efforts
Chamber of Commerce
Job Search

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